JBL Studio 5 Series Speakers: Studio 590 $450, Studio 520 $180, Sub 550

JBL Studio 5 Series Speakers: Studio 590 $  450, Studio 520 $  180, Sub 550
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JBL Studio 5 Series Speakers
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Odd that they’ve been blowing these 5 Series out on sale for a couple of years…but you can’t find the Studio 530 bookshelfs that sell for twice retail anywhere. Did the 530 factory burn down?

Haha amen.
LMFAO i know rite, i saw they had on the home page series 2 on sale if that helps

Shouldn’t it sound fairly similar if you got two 520’s? It’s the same tweeter, smaller woofer, but there are two mtm style
At this point I have to believe this is their retail price. We’re just being fools.
That’s my thoughts . The 520 c should be just as if not more capable than the 530s. Plunk them on their sides and rock on.

If someone has used them.

Which sounds better off an Onkyo RZ 590 or 580.

I have Paradigm Studio cc570 and 60 towers now.

Thinking about trying this JBL series.

Are the floor standing speakers really worth 0 a piece? And how does the center sound alongside them; do they pair well?

Not a fan of horn-loaded tweeters, but the 550p sub for 0 is a solid buy.

How’s the sub? I see it retails at 0 but I’m a bit skeptical. How’s it compare to the klipsch r12 for 0?

Unfortunately no one will be able to tell what they sound like to you.

So whats wrong with your Paradigm’s that you want to change?
That 0 msrp on the 550p is way too high. Anybody buying this sub for that price deserves a smack for their stupidity. With that being said, I would take the JBL 550p over the Klipsch R12 for the same money without hesitation. I’ve owned the 550p and also owned the Jamo J12, which is pretty much the same sub as the R12. Almost always these lower end subs are ported and don’t have much extension below 30Hz at best. The JBL is unique in that it’s a sealed cabinet instead of ported. You don’t see many sealed subs in this price range. The 550p will have a more accurate frequency response and has a shallower roll off than a similar ported sub. The 550p still doesn’t have great extension, but you obviously won’t get any port noise out of it and it has a cleaner sound.
Probably works OK…but there are good reasons only Center Speakers are designed MTM.

Complicated…but google M-T-M speakers, Lobbing, or D’appolito effect. Basically, as you move around the room whenever the 2-Ms are not exactly the same distance from you they cancel each other out at certain frequencies.

I am sure a lot of people do this and depending on where you sit do not notice…but it is not perfect and the above googles explain why.