Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds (Titanium Black)

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds (Titanium Black)
Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds
(Titanium Black) on sale for
$ 119.99
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  • Personalize your music with customizable equalizer profiles
  • Up to 5 hours battery, 15 hours with charging case
  • 2-year dust and water resistance warranty (registration via Jabra sound+ app required)

I read the reviews and even went to a few people on advice before I purchased these wireless earbuds. I was concerned that since these did not have an ear hook (like bose) that they would not remain in my ear. However they fit just fine and they are awesome. I knew from some of the reviews that bass was lacking and that’s a true statement. I have a pair of jam wireless earbuds that have way more bass but they are not as comfortable as this pair. So it seems that I had to trade base for comfort which in some cases are ok . The only time the lack of bass really bothers me is when I listen to a song that I know that has a great bass line and its not there. Don’t get me wrong the bass is there but not like overpowering. However I would still reckoned this pair, the left and right bud have never lost sync with eachother. however you can listen to the right bud in solo mode I have not figured out a way to listen to the left on in solo mode I am not sure if its possible. It seems like more people want to chat to me on my right side than my left. I have not been able to exercise the app yet because I am out to sea on a ship with no wifi and to exercise all of the features you need internet. So if you don’t have internet don’t expect the extra features.

UPDATE: Since I have been able to upload the App and they also updated the APP recently I know think this is the best pair of wireless earbuds on the market. Being on facetime and phone calls is a blast with these. You don’t have to raise your voice you can speak natural and the caller on the other side can hear you just fine.

[Deal Review]:

Great price for those with a Chase Amazon card.

I thought prime card was 5%

Amazon is running a special promotion that gives 20% back to cardholders on all Jabra Elite series headphones through December 31, 2018. (See
Please read the OP. It’s an EXTRA % back for this item.

Excellent buds, got similar deal on BF

I don’t see any 20% promotion, and I am trying to use a Chase Amazon card. Where can I see this promotion on the site?


Edit: Ok, I see the link. Thanks

If you go to the Amazon website, they have a suggestion for a newer model, the Alphasonic True Wireless Earbud. Obviously, these two are not related. But I wonder how many people will buy the latter thinking it is a newer version of Jabra elite. 🤔

Ordered a set. Thanks!

These sound great and are comfortable, but the control on these is pretty bad, it is very uncomfortbale to change songs volume etc. I hope they switch to touch controls in the next version, thats when Ill get mine.


BTW bluetooth 5 doesnt do anything for these atleast in my use case. The range is the same or probably lower than iconX which have 4.2


The battery life is similar as well. The sound is much better to my ears than iconX though which sound very flat.


EDIT: Just to be clear, I ended up returning these even though I liked the sound a lot. I change tracks very very often thus comfortably being able to do that was very important to me.

These buds suck if youre planning to use them for any kind of physical atcivity…they fall out no matter what. Got it due to all the (prob fake) raving reviews on BF and returned it a week later

Not sure which reviews you are referring to. Wirecutter (a NYT-owned review site) rates them as their top pick for true wireless headphones (
). That seems pretty legit to me. I haven’t tried them yet though (my pair are on the way).
I am using it from past two weeks which I got for BF sale, these buds are awesome and very comfortable. No issues for me with fitment.
Sorry bud, but I disagree with your statement. I’ve owned these now for 5 months and use them 4-5X/wk during vigorous workouts, both running and lifting. Not once have these fallen out.


I will say my wife has used them and she claims they are a little loose on her but have never fallen out.


I will see my only complaint are the TOUCH CONTROLS!!!


As with everything, YMMV.