HP – 2-in-1 14″ Touch-Screen Chromebook – Intel Core i3 – 8GB Memory – 64GB eMMC Flash Memory – HP Finish In Ceramic White And Cloud Blue With free google Home $449.99

HP - 2-in-1 14

HP x360 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook: Stream your favorite media on the go with this HP Chromebook touchscreen laptop. The notebook has 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor so it’s easy to use Google Play apps for everyday productivity. This HP Chromebook touchscreen laptop has a modern 360-degree design and 14-hour battery life for work on the go.

Comes with a free google home



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  • Google Chrome OS; 7th Gen Intel® Core M-7Y30 processor; 12.3″ display; 4GB memory; 32GB eMMC Flash Memory; Bluetooth; touch screen; DVD/CD drive not included

Oh Chromebook why did I leave you? I had a pixelbook and thought it was too much chromebook for me and decided to get a surface laptop that was on sale. Big mistake! I was pineing to return back to chromebooks but didn’t want to buy another pixelbook at that price. I then saw the announcement for the hp chromebook x2 and quickly pre-ordered. I read on the web that they were showing up early and decided to cancel my pre-order and pickup at the store. I paid $599 plus tax for the hp chromebook x2. My impressions are below.

What is cool:

The display is the same one on the pixelbook, chromebook pro/plus, so I am really familiar with it and it still looks good here with its 2400 x 1600 3:2 aspect ratio.
This is the first chromebook detachable and hp were clever in the design because the keyboard looks almost like one of those folio keyboards, but it is not and is actually hard plastic. What this allows then that the surface pro devices can’t claim is the ability to be used on your lap. The secret is in the hinge mechanism that allows more of a claim schell design, but retaining a look like a folio cover. There is a reason the keyboard weighs 1.5 pounds by itself.
Typing experience is good as well as the trackpad.
The performance from the core m3 7th gen is really good on this and is a step up from the chromebook pro, and asus c302.

What could be improved:

Speakers sound okay but they just don’t get loud enough, and when on max volume sound tinny.
White case looks okay but I wish they offered another color, and I dislike that both the keyboard cover and tablet are fingerprint magnets, requiring constant wipe downs.

The not so good:

The price you pay and the paltry storage of 32 GB is insulting in this day and age. Should be able to double it and give you 64GB, since android apps are a thing now with chromebooks.
No backlit keyboard. It was reported on the web several places that the keyboard is backlit and it is not. This isn’t a major deal for me but it does lower the value of the device and I could see many being turned away from this.
No home button in tablet mode. I feel like this could be fixed in a software update but having to clear your pages to get back to the homepage just seems inefficient.


I think for premium 2 in 1 chromebooks that the Hp Chromebook x2 slots nicely in the number 2 spot just behind the pixelbook. I think with its price and newer core m3 it is a good alternative to the chromebook pro and asus c302 also. I think lowering it $50.00 would be ideal since it does include a pen, but hp did skimp out on the storage and backlit keyboard.