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Ehhhh the deals for the cheaper sets are only because they are marked as add on items for Amazon

Sorry, I meant to add that to the body when I posted it. I added that now.

Same price at Best Buy

I’m waiting for a deal on the Hot Wheels Corkscrew set for Christmas.

All the YouTube videos for the roto revolution show that you can’t even get one car to make a whole loop inside the track. You’ll never get 2 going at the same time, this thing looks awful.

Thanks for your response. I came to make a similar comment. I watched a video for this same set a few days ago and saw that it did not work. We have one with the motors also and it never did work. Roto revolution seems to be trash.

Thank you guys. Just saved me some money and frustration from my son when it doesn’t work! I’ll pass.

My 8 year old gets two going all the time. Depends on the cars, but he has 50 or so cars to try and find the right combo.
Have him post a video, there aren’t any showing multiple cars in this thing. All the end user videos make the roto revolution look depressing. All the videos I see show kids trying to get a car in from the launcher, as soon as the car enters it crashes within seconds without another car to run into. The kids turn this set into a game of, “let’s just see if I can get 1 car in this thing”. I was going to buy this, buy after seeing how it worked for others, I’m now looking for a deal on the criss cross crash hot wheels track. Cars only seem to crash on the criss cross crash track when they run into another car. Another good alternative is the corkscrew track, but cars seem to crash on their own there too (but at least they make a few loops through the track). This is a good slick deal on the roto Revo for the discount, but the product looks like it sucks.

If you buy this for your kids make sure to have a backup present ready. This was my kid’s #1 wish for Christmas last year. We got it and it didn’t work one time. At the time all the reviews on Amazon were 4 and 5 stars which made it even more surprising. We sent it back for a refund.

I share the sentiment here. My son (8) asked for this for Christmas last year and played with it a total of about 2 times. The cars that came with it worked in the loop together okay, but if he put different cars in it, they wouldn’t work most of the time. It is REALLY loud too. Don’t waste your money.

Buy this from Best buy at eBay and apply coupon “PLAYDAY” for additional 10% discount

I’m not going to waste my time taking a video and loading it to YT. I honestly don’t care if you or someone else buys it and I’m certainly not getting paid by Mattel to hock their goods.

That said, I should clarify that it’s not easy for him to get it going. It takes numerous tries and a lot of patience, but honestly, it would suck if it immediately worked. How much fun is it to fire two cars and have them go on indefinitely with little effort? My son took it as a fun challenge, but he saw it and wanted it, so mileage may vary. It was also last years Christmas present, so as usual, he doesn’t play with it much now. But for the first few months after Christmas he’d pull it out and play with it pretty regularly.