Google Home Mini + Wemo Mini Smart WiFi Outlet

Google Home Mini + Wemo Mini Smart WiFi
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker + Wemo Mini Smart WiFi Outlet Plug
on sale
of each
) on sale for
$ 58
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  1. Click this link here
    • Add 2x Google Home Mini Smart Speaker (various colors) to cart
  2. Click this link here
    • Add 2x Wemo Mini Smart WiFi Outlet Plug (White) to cart
  3. Total in cart should be $ 157.98 – $ 99.98 Discount = $ 58 w/ free shipping

Total .21 after tax, pretty good deal for all 4

this is damn good deal.

You can also add chromecast for more savings. If u have 20% off that also can be use and team member discount as well.

20% won’t stack 😒 Excludes Google Home/Mini/Max. Still a good deal!

With TM discount it drops to shipped but I don’t really need any minis

Idk about u guys with tm discount and red card im at 48.13 including tax…..

OOS for shipping it seems. Around me limited stock for pickup…


But good addition to the deal if you can get it!

Can you use 20% off coupon on Apple Care?

Post updated as I commented. Thanks!


Wemo deal for with google home mini stacks also. You can get two google home minis, two Wemo switch, and a chromecast for + tax or less with redcard and/or 20% coupon.

What’s TM?

Thanks. Worked like a charm.

Chrome cast 2?
Send me a code 😂😂😂😂

Google Home Mini – Charcoal
Model: H0A | SKU: 11615336

Small, simple, and powerful. Say hello to Google Home Mini. This helpful voice-activated smart home speaker is powered by Google Assistant, giving you hands-free control of your smart home, including Nest, Philips Hue, Belkin, and WeMo devices. Ask the Mini questions, tell it do things, and get answers from Google using only your voice.

  • Your personal assistant in a box: Your very own voice-enabled PA helps you stay organized and keeps you up to date about your schedule, commute, flight information, grocery shopping, and much more
  • Google knows: Google Home Mini is a calculator, dictionary, and translator all in one, and provides real time answers on the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports, and much more
  • State-of-the-art voice technology: Google Home Mini can hear your voice from afar with its far-field microphones, and can distinguish between users to serve multiple family members
  • The heart of your smart home: Google Home Mini is compatible with Nest, IFTTT, Philips Hue lighting, Belkin, and WeMo