Google Express: Link Target Acct: Turbo Tax Home & Business + State 2018

Google Express: Link Target Acct: Turbo Tax Home & Business + State 2018
Target via Google Express
Turbo Tax Home & Business + State 2018
on sale for
$ 44.99
when you
link Target Account
follow directions below
. Thanks dlmxx


  1. Click here and and select “Link Account”
  2. Sign into your Target Account or create a new account
  3. Upon signing into your account, your account will be linked
  4. You will receive a 30% Off ($ 20 Off) promo code by email within 24 hours of linking your account
    • Note, you must receive the promo code via email before being able to apply
  5. Apply promo code from email into promo field and click apply
  6. Total should be $ 64.99 – $ 20 off = $ 44.99 (or less for RedCard Holders)

[Deal Review]:

Or you can have staples price match amazon and get 30% back from chase offers.

What is 30% chase offers?
Will they price match online at

That is the same price as 1 additional state. It looks like there is no way to get discounts on additional states.

price increased to 64.99

Your math is a little off but I’ll take it. Had a 10% Chase Offers with Google Checkout that I hadn’t used yet. Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Sorry I missed it earlier in the month.

The 30% coupon gets me to .74. How do you get the extra discount?

Good deal. Kicking myself for getting Premier at from Amazon Wednesday

Did you go to checkout and apply the coupon? When I first looked at the item page, the way it was worded it looked as though it was saying the 30% coupon was already discounted. It wasn’t, that was just the sale price. Then I went to checkout, and it said promo available, and it let me click “apply.” I linked my Target account earlier this week and already had the discount waiting.
That’s the price without the Red Card discount.

Not worth my time.

.16 with tax shipped. Cheapest price I’ve paid for it in a few years. Thanks op.