Gerber Air Ranger Knife w/ Serrated Edge

Gerber Air Ranger Knife w/ Serrated Edge
Gerber Air Ranger Knife w/ Serrated Edge
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Good knife for the money. I have one of these, and I bought a few of these at Cabelas a couple of years ago at each and gave them as Christmas presents. The knife is lightweight, grippy and gets the job done. It will require more sharpening than your Benchmade, but you can buy ten of these for those prices. If you want an EDC that is easy on the wallet, this is good. If you want to talk about your steel hardness and compare your G10 grips, this is not the knife for you.

yeah I have been unlucky with the last few deals from Cabelas … they have all been cancelled for me

I have one of these from a year or two ago, paid about the same. It’s really a decent knife. Sturdy but really lightweight. Good buy for .

I like Rapala knives, they are inexpensive and sharpen well.

Get it while you can!
Cabelas has a bunch of other knives at up to 50%, too. Check it out… you might find one that you like.…2214703080

Good knife. I consider this my “ole reliable” edc knife when I can’t carry an automatic. It’s very thin so it’s easy to carry.

Is it free shipping only with purchase?

Not getting free shipping. It says minimum for free shipping


Is there a code for free shipping to home? Only seeing FS with minimum order or FS to store.

Though I prefer the plain edge style over serated combos for daily carry, this is a good one for the glovebox.

No, just add it to cart and proceed to checkout. You may need to have only the knife in cart.
This is correct.

Had a couple other things in my cart but when I removed and left only this knife shipping to home is free. Thanks!