Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series
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[Deal Review]:

Pepper Jack loves Fraggle Rock!

Wish it had digital copy

goddammit, you beat me to it

“Let the fraggles play, worry for another day, let the fraggles play, down at fraggles rock”

I can’t remember a thing about this show but the song still pops in my head everytime!

Down in Fraggle Rock, 🎵 The 3 year old me likes this deal.

Damn I’m old. Remember watching this as a kid many moons ago.

“Dance your cares away.

Worry’s for another day.

Let the music play.

Down in Fraggle Rock.”

Is this as solid as the muppet show? Never seen this, but really enjoy Henson work.

Goddammit you both beat me to it.

You come up off that crack rock you can be Pepper Jacks best ho.
I remember little working creatures that endlessly built structures made of some crystalline sugar-like substance, only to have a creature 100 times the size of them eat the structures. And a guy named traveling Matt.

These deals really need digital

I like it more than Muppets. Gobo and Red, can’t go wrong. Fun songs. Maybe I’m just sentimental, but it’s classic Henson.

Is this ever on any of the streaming services?