Fisher-Price Medical Kit Playset

Fisher-Price Medical Kit Playset
Fisher-Price Medical Kit Playset
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Fisher-Price Medical Kit Playset
on sale for
$ 9.88
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Standard Packaging
  • Preschoolers will love to play doctor or nurse with this handy medical kit
  • Everything stores easily in the soft doctor bag
  • Lots of accessories for great role-play fun!
  • Play pieces include stethoscope, blood pressure cuff with “working” pump, otoscope, thermometer, syringe, and bandage
  • Carry and go with this handy medical bag!

I had a Fisher-Price doctor kit about twenty years ago, and I loved it. It came in a black, plastic, old-fashioned-style doctor bag, which snapped shut. It had a cast that juuuust fit around a kid’s forearm, or a smaller kid’s lower leg. It has a stethoscope with which you could hear a heartbeat perfectly, and you could also talk into it for fun. I don’t remember the other items that came with it… Regardless…
This one comes in a cheap cloth bag, which is difficult to stuff the bulky stethoscope into. Things will also fall out of it and spill out of it since the top is closed only by a small piece of Velcro. The plastic “band-aid” that comes with it fits around no one’s arm, mine is too big and the kids’ are too small. The syringe and otoscope are fine, nothing to report there. The blood pressure cuff is absolutely huge, it almost fits around my thigh! How is that for a child?? The stethoscope is impossible to hear anything out of, due to poor construction. It is also impossible to hear anything out of because the ear pieces are gigantic– they do not even fit in my ears. I understand not wanting small objects in a child’s ear, but the size of these things is obscene.
There are better items out there, many at the same cost or slightly more, and some even cost less. I’ve seen them online and also in toy magazines. My advice is to check out those first.

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My 4 year old is going to love this. I got him a one from publix a month ago this one is even nicer. In for one

Please put toy in title. I thought that this is gonna be a steal for me.

Fisher-Price makes regular adult medical kits?
Who knows but keyword alert for ‘Medical Kit’

Thank you for posting this.. Got one

Thanks a lot… I got one from Amazon for my 3.5yrs one

Thank you for your sharing, it’s useful.

Thanks for your sharing, i need buy one for my child,it’s so cute!

Bought this for my 3yo son who is terrified of the doctor. He goes a lot and playing with this with him helped him calm down quite a bit.

Ordered one from Walmart for my 3.5 year old a week or so ago for .88. Super good deal. He’s going to love it.

Still available now.

nice found

My son will love this! Thanks for posting!