Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups
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  • 10 colorful, numbered cups to stack, nest, or snap together and roll
  • Jingle-sounds ball nests inside or rests on top
  • Snap cups together to make 5 balls
  • Cups nest inside each other for easy take-along
  • Helps foster fine motor skills

I am not joking, these cups are amazing.

Want one heavy ball? Ok
Want 5 light balls of different sizes? Ok
Want a few balls and a few cups? Ok
Want 2 balls, a stack and 2 cups? Ok.
Want 1 tall stack with a yellow rattling ball on top? Ok
Want a ball inside a stack? Ok.
A stack inside of a ball? Just thought of this one – will try when I get home. You can do just about anything with these.

You – an adult – will not be able make a comprehensive list of ways these things can be assembled. They’re designed very well and no doubt will entertain the whole family.

You can put them in your mouth too if that’s what you’re into. That’s what my son is into. Me not so much.

Buy it. Now.

[Deal Review]:

It’s like they said “how can we make a product like the stacking rings, but even cheaper to make and flimsier?”

if she can get to #1, shes a keeper

My little one is still too young but she is really in love with this. Just bought two.

My babies never enjoyed this, despite my pushing and prodding. I liked the design, but maybe the thin shells were awkward for little hands… or mouths. They loved the Fisher-Price Rock-a-stack though.

For me, she’d only need to get halfway down the smiley face.
I’ll keep you in my prayers bro
I was thinking the same. The cups seem too thin. Pushing the cups together to firmly stack or to make a ball seems tough for a small baby which might lead them to abandon the toy or get irritated. I have the one from ikea and we like it. The stack topples because cups are not fixed into each other but my baby finds it fun to see the tower sway and topple.


Ikea has some good baby toys, many akin to reasonably priced versions of wooden melissa and doug toys.


Edit: my baby loves the fisher price rock-a-stack as well even though it’s early to start stacking as a motor skill. For now it’s just holding the rings and banging them, toppling the stack to be able to take out the rings (easy way
Stick Out Tongue

I have this, and the stacking rings are better for teaching kids.

My kids loved this and played with it for years. Great price!

My kids played with these FOREVER. I think we finally got rid of them when the youngest turned 6. They had so many kid-uses!


Edited to add: For a true stacking and learning toy, I suggest stacking cups. My kids used this toy for the balls they create, hiding treasures, and imagination play.