Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch)

Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo Switch)
electronicsliquidators via eBay
Fire Emblem Warriors
(Nintendo Switch) for
$ 28.99
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[Deal Review]:

Fire. Bought asap.

Nooooo, no more switch game deals please. I’m already in trouble. TU.

Perhaps a dumb question, but is this a good deal? I feel I’ve seen it for .99 or so a lot recently.

Grabbed one, thanks! It appears it’s the US version according to the back picture.…m-warriors

Thoughts on Fire Emblem Warriors vs Hyrule Warriors for someone that hasn’t played Dynasty Warriors since 3 and isn’t a huge follower of either Zelda or FE?

Loved the heck out of DW3, just couldn’t get myself to repeat the process for another game.

Bleh, another boring “Warriors” game.

Thanks, bought.

Both Warriors games are excellent. I’ve played both. They are both moderately upgraded from the regular DW games and IMO are the 2 best Warriors games out right now.

Thank you for posting! Got one!

I need to turn off alerts for switch games! Too many I still haven’t opened….bought one. Thanks!

I feel the pain.

Great game if you enjoy Dynasty Warriors. Lots of Fire Emblem fan service too.