Fingerlings 2 Monkeys + Monkey Bar / Swing Play Set

Fingerlings 2 Monkeys + Monkey Bar / Swing Play Set
Fingerlings 2 Monkeys + Monkey Bar / Swing Play Set
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  • Fun playground features monkey bars and a detachable swing, plus two exclusive Fingerlings monkeys “Liv” and “Simona”
  • Liv is an adorable periwinkle blue monkey with pink hair who lives to play
  • Simona is a cute bubblegum pink monkey with blue hair who lives to play
  • Have your Fingerlings take turns rocking back and forth in the swing or hang them from their tails
  • The seat on the monkey bars gives your little pet a view from the top; Your WowWee Fingerlings can grip onto the side of the ladder.

This Fingerlings Playset (sold by Amazon as the seller) is an authentic Fingerlings Monkey Bar Playground! Yes, it comes with a Fingerling! The playset portion is a great way to let your Fingerling hang around or take a swing, but no, he/she cannot actually climb on the monkey bars. Fairly well made. Ours has stood up to normal children play for a week now and all is good! I would recommend it at regular retail price because they are fun and it made a really great gift!

[Deal Review]:

So, this was the must have toy last Christmas.

I got them for my nieces and they loved them.


What is the must have, hard to get toy this year?


Please help


Hmm I read that wrong…

These things are the worst. If you value your sanity, don’t bring them into your house. Give them to the kids of people you don’t like.

I love your humor😂😂

It was this price + with only one monkey last year.

These not good?

It was last week at Target.

Thanks I hope my 4 year old boy likes these lol

So 2017.

Lol dolls and pets. My kids love them
My kids love them. They are 1,3 and 7.
Thank you. Hope my 1 year likes these.