Fender LE Paramount PM-4CE Auditorium Limited Guitar w/ Hardcase

Fender LE Paramount PM-4CE Auditorium Limited Guitar w/ Hardcase
Fender LE Paramount PM-4CE Auditorium Limited Guitar w/ Hardcase
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  • Fender LE Paramount PM-4CE Auditorium Limited Guitar
  • Deluxe Hardshell Case
  • Humidifier
  • Fender 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Auditorium body shape with single cutaway
  • Solid Sitka spruce top; solid mahogany back and sides
  • Specially-voiced onboard Fishman pickup/preamp system
  • Ovangkol fingerboard and bridge
  • Warranty Included


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Was 0 and front page a couple weeks ago




and 0 and front page four weeks ago



at this rate 0 in two weeks, etc… 🙂

What does this tell you about this Paramount line? It’s selling horribly even on discount and players aren’t biting. Fender makes great electrics, but they can’t seem to make a impression in the mid range acoustic market.

Built and Sound quality both are great

I am a beginner, I am planning to buy Yamaha FG 800 or Fender CD-60S. Since this one has big discount. But the price about 0 more than Yamaha fg800. Any suggestions? thanks.

Just got mine today, higher quality guitar than I was expecting given the price. Anybody ever priced matched Adorama before? I imagine they will give me 20 back…

Yeah, I agree. I got the PM-1 Deluxe deal and I really like the guitar. The built in tuner is sweet.
Yeah. I bought at 0. Called to get price adjustment when it was 0. They gave me store credit. Never buying anything from them again.
The Paramount is head and shoulders better than the CD-60S or the Yamaha FG800. For the extra 0 you get an all solid wood instrument (vs laminate back and sides), built-in electronics, and a hardshell case.


While I have not played this particular model, I have played several previous Paramount models and can say that they very well made instruments and a lot of bang for your buck, especially at this price.


My advice to a beginner is to buy the nicest guitar you can afford. The superior tone and playability of a nice guitar make learning that much more pleasurable. A quality instrument will be difficult to outgrow as you get better.
Thank you for your explanation, it’s very clear.
You need to be nice to it. Wash your hands (with soap) before you play, even before you open the case. Don’t play with any metal exposed on your clothing, like buckles and zippers. Wipe it down after you play it, this is pretty important for the tuning pegs, fret board, and strings. Anything metal on the guitar needs to be wiped down because of the oils on your hands, including the latches on the case. I know that seems anal (I actually use jewelers gloves when cleaning and putting away my guitars), but I’ve had a few neglected guitars go to hell in short order because I didn’t take care of them. Lesson learned.
The deluxe is in a different league than this guitar, deluxe was high end and this is mid range.
Tells me Adorama is blowing out the stock on a discontinued model, like usual.


Fender makes great acoustics, especially at reasonable prices (compared to their solid body models).