Exploding Kittens (iOS or Android App)

Exploding Kittens (iOS or Android App)
Apple iTunes
Exploding Kittens
(iOS Android App) on sale for
$ 0.99
. Thanks Cecerious

Google Play
also has
Exploding Kittens
(Android App) on sale for
$ 0.99

[Deal Review]:

Great game. Especially if you are a fan of the physical game. For 99¢ it’s worth the purchase.

No local pass and play, from my brief glance. But otherwise seems fun!

Doesn’t get the full deck. That cost extra in game purchases.

can you play with friends on the same phone?

No, only friends/strangers on other accounts.

.99 with in-app purchases

Disliked the physical game. Pass on the digital.

My wife and her friends got hotel security called on them because of this game. They’re going to love this!

Grabbed it fun game I think !

I think we need the entire story now!
please keep this thread focused on the deal. off topic trolling posts have been removed. thanks!

does this support android tv? looking for party games for the Shield TV. we have exploding kittens card game but for a couple bucks it’d be worth having one the shield if it’s well done.

I payed the card game, bit a fan of this. Lots of in game purchases, e.g. decks that are more expensive than the game itself.

One plus is that there is single player mode or you can play against strangers on line.

If you have friends you like to play board games with, I recommend getting the card version