Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD 4K UHD Home Theater Projector

Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD 4K UHD Home Theater Projector
Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD 4K Enhancement UHD Home Theater Projector
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  • Epson PRO-UHD with 4K Enhancement Technology (1) — accepts 4K UHD content and upscales non-4K content to deliver amazing lifelike images with resolution that exceeds Full HD.
  • Advanced, 3-Chip, 3LCD Design — 3LCD technology ensures no color wheel, no white segment and no rainbow effect.
  • HDR10 (2) High Dynamic Range and Rich Black Contrast — full 10-bit color output and a contrast ratio up to 140,000:1 deliver an extraordinary range of color and detail in both bright and dark scenes.
  • L*a*b* Ultra Wide Color Gamut — delivers 100% of the 3 dimensional DCI-P3 color gamut (3), the digital cinema standard, with 50% wider color gamut than Rec. 709.
  • 100% Balanced Color Brightness — 2,200 lumens of equal color and white brightness (4) for vibrant, rich color, even in rooms with ambient light.

I feel I must update this purchase review from late September. I wrote the review below but have a change in status. After only having less than 150 hours of use on this projector, it stopped functioning all together. The projector will not power on or function at all. Power source and all has been installed properly as well. Now I have been passed on to Epson which will likely take weeks of figuring out what is wrong and fight getting this fixed. We tried working with Amazon but they stated we have had this item too long. For spending $2100 for the purcahse and the little use, I don’t think it is too long. Well, let the journey begin on what I thought was a good purchase! Be careful and buyer beware!

Sept review:
This is a fantastic projector. Clear, bright picture! Easy to set up as well. I have mine 13 feet from 110 inch screen and works great. Seating is 14 feet from the screen. Also purchased the grey screen with this which projects a great image. Purchased both right from Amazon. Screen was also easy to put together with a little patience. HDMI is a must with Home Theater. Better picture and deeper sound. If you are looking for a projector for your home theater, I would highly recommend this combo!

[Deal Review]:


besides being slightly more expensive is there any reason why you would get this kind of projector vs. Laser projector nowadays?

I have a BenQ 2050a is this worth 0 more?

Be wary this does not have an 18gbps hdmi port. So no 4k 60hz

Was looking at this earlier, but there are a lot of user reviews from multiple sites where this particular model has a power up issue after a few weeks or months. Seems like a great projector, especially at this price, but the reviews are troubling on this particular model

It’s 4k, so yeah.
Is there a Laser PJ that’s even remotely close to being affordable?
The cheaper laser ones all seem to have some sort of issues. At least according to the reviews.


And the more expensive ones are still four thousand Buck range. LG’s got another one coming out that’s going to be debuted at CES that is an ultra short-throw projector. The websites are hoping that the price is going to be between two and three thousand but it’s only going to need two inches of space from the wall to do 120 inch screen

Has anyone here replaced their 1080p projector with a 4k unit ? Can you please tell us what you think ?

I’ve had various Epson models since 2010. I upgraded my 5020ub to the 5040ub back in 2016. I had to replace the 5040ub twice due to various defects, one of which was burn-in – of all things.


The 5040ub has 4K enhancement/pixel shift, which while looking great had the issue of not actually being able to handle HDR. I ditched projectors last January, switching to Sony’s 75″ 950e. I love projectors, but they have not kept up with 4k tech at a price point that makes sense for consumer usage.


If you’re just looking for a cool device that projects a giant image, projectors are pretty sweet. But if you’re doing any 4k movie or video gaming, then projectors are a pretty big disappointment compared to other options on the market (at a much more reasonable price).
Yeah waiting for a nice price drop on these Laser PJ…. My PJ is my main tv and it gets used alot….Dont like the fact i have to change it every 1 year and half.
Dang every year? I consider myself a heavy user and I only have like 1100 hours on my 2050 and I’ve owned it for 3 years almost.

At a normal mid-theater viewing distance there is no significant advantage to 4k over a quality high bitrate 1080p source. Now if you are a front row theater dweller, by all means 4k is the master.


My 3 year old Benq HT1075 is still putting out a great 120″ picture from 12 feet and I see no reason to upgrade it. We only went to a 65″ 4k TV because our Panny Plasma had logo burn-in after years of use and the cost difference in a 4k vs 1080 TV is negligible.