Doctors Foster and Smith Sale: Dog & Cat Health and Nutrition Essentials

Doctors Foster and Smith Sale: Dog & Cat Health and Nutrition Essentials
Doctors Foster and Smith
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[Deal Review]:

Repped. .80 per CASE for 5-star dog food. Unreal. In for 3. Here’s the ratings:…-dog-food/…th-canned/

I actually tried the dry when it first came out. That I couldn’t recommend.

But for some reason they do a better quality canned food cheap.

Noicce! For some reason I wasn’t charged shipping, even though my total was under . .29 delivered for a case of quality food plus 60 Omega 3 tabs for the puppers.

I’m trying it, normally I’m paying > for blue buffalo, if the doggo likes and does well on this brand, major savings, thanks op

Stocking up!!!

Great deal

Cat stuff (and presumably other animal stuff) is on sale, too. I do cat rescue and we go through Terramycin antibiotic eye ointment like nobody’s business. Have never seen it this cheap, got a whole bunch. Thanks from me and the kitties.

I’m picky about what I feed my dog, but I’ll try it. Looks like real meat. Hopefully there are no by products.

Can anyone share their personal experience with this product? Not just a review from other places but a review in this thread.

Thinking of picking up a few to give away and since I don’t have a dog I’ll have no idea if it’s enticing to a dog at all lol.

Wow, 0.00 worth of dog food for .80 shipped.

Thank you KayOttik

Chicken and brown rice appears to be oos

Got a link?


Thanks op got 6 bags of blue buffalo wilderness for a bag shipped including tax, best I’ve seen in a while.