Dirk Gently (2012): Season 1 (Digital HD)

Dirk Gently (2012): Season 1 (Digital HD)
Dirk Gently (2012): Season 1
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How is the other one compared to this one?

The BBC America version (years later) is way better!

Have not seen this version, but I love the new one, I buy the episodes one by one using my video credits from Amazon. The newer show is extremely quirky but funny, I avoid the spoilers when watching the episodes which definitely makes the twists more enjoyable.

I watched this years ago but can’t remember much. I haven’t seen the BBCA version yet. Do either versions follow the plots from either of the books?

The new one was cancelled

IMHO, this one was much more faithful to Douglas Adams vision. The first season was almost verbatim from the first Dirk book. The BBCA version was enjoyable but took a little bit to settle and this one just hit the ground running.

For fans of Green Wing and Spy, you will definitely like it. If you like the books, you will definitely enjoy it.

For what it’s worth, I like this one much better than the 2016 version. It is true BBC Douglas Adams glory and not a close Americanized approximation…

Awesome. Need more deals to spend those “no rush” credits on since they stopped letting us get PSN and Xbox gift cards.

Thanks, I’ll check it out for a buck…

Thanks! Something decent to use no rush credits on. I’ve been a fan of Douglas Adams.

Lots of – shows

Great, thanks OP.

I just googled trying to figure out if this was some sort of dierks bentley parody or what….I’m still not sure how it’s completely unrelated.

I’d agree with you but what I would say is that Adams wasn’t a fan of directly translating from one medium to another. He always wanted each medium to be tweaked to better reflect the storytelling ability of that medium as opposed to just picking something up and directly translating it.

This version is definitely ok. But I think the BBCA version took the ball and ran with it. Shame it didn’t get an additional season.