Craftsman 1/2″ Impact Wrench $19.99 with $19.99 cash back points

Craftsman 1/2

Good deal on an cheaper impact wrench…ockType=G4

These Craftsman 1/2″ drive18″ breaker bars look and feel well-made and strong. Initially, I couldn’t get lugs on my Subaru to budge (they had been tightened with air wrench). The same bar and socket worked fine on my Honda, which had the lug nuts tightened to 80 lb-ft with a torque wrench. I tried loosening lug nuts on the Subaru again, but this time transferred more of my weight on to the bar — and the nuts started to loosen. I had been thinking that if the 15″ bar didn’t work for me, I’d exchange them for 24″ bars. Now, I’m going to keep them – one in each car. Glad I bought them.
By the way, I’m not a big guy or very strong – 170 lbs and well into my senior years.