Costco Members: $50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (Digital Delivery)

Costco Members: $  50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card (Digital Delivery)
Costco Wholesale
has for their
Members: $ 50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card
(Digital Delivery) for
$ 44.99
. Thanks Firefly_Mal

Note: must be a Costco Member to purchase deal to avoid the 5% non member surcharge. *If you are not a Costco member there is currently a deal running for a 1-Year Costco membership (
more details

[Deal Review]:

Hah I literally Just saw that and thought. Has Costco always been selling those?

also that’s 10% off

Thanks just picked one up, this’ll be good for the smash dlc and some Nintendo online membership!

Chase Freedom will give additional 5% on wholesale, making it 14.5% off, not bad

My first order got cancelled within 2 minutes. Paid with Visa Checkout. Placed the order again 15 minutes ago. Still waiting for the code. Order status is received.

Thanks OP – using a Chase Freedom nets you basically a %15 discount, just as good as the off and on PayPal deals.

Second order was successful!

Is anyone else having trouble ordering? I’ve tried a few orders with a few different cards and they’ve all gotten canceled

I tried 4 times to place an order with a single card and they all got cancelled. I talked to a customer service rep in chat, and they told me there is a problem with the bill to address I provided, but I don’t believe them because I am ordering like normal.

Had my orders cancelled 3 times now

They’ve had this at least since October… Good deal whenever the ebay .50 deal isn’t available. Usually if your payment doesn’t go through with costco, there’s some stupid mismatch between the billing address and the address your credit card company has – Ave vs Avenue, +4 zip or not, whatever – but maybe something else is going on if it’s happening to a bunch of people.

order canceled…

I ordered 3 cards, max of 3. Thank you!

Cancelled. Tried again with +4 zip and spelling out avenue.. worked! paired it with the Odyssey game from estore for .