Costco B&M Only: USDA Prime Whole Top Beef Loin (NY Strip) – $25 off per pack

I know this is possibly of limited interest here, but just a heads-up to those who are big steak fans. For the next few days, Costco is taking $ 25 off per pack of the USDA Prime Whole Beef Loin Top Loin. This cut is essentially a bunch of NY Strip steaks. This made the pack we got roughly $ 6.90/lb.

The breakdown process is pretty easy, no bones or anything to cut around; just slice it into steaks. We ended up with 13 1-inch thick Prime NY Strip steaks, which is pretty dang good for around $ 75-80.

Some images of my wife breaking it down and the results:

The meat employee at my store said yesterday that the sale goes on for the next 4 days (not sure if that includes yesterday) do it ends either Monday or Tuesday.