Compustar 4900S 2-Way Remote Start System

Compustar 4900S 2-Way Remote Start SystemBest Buy
Compustar 4900S 2-Way Remote Start System
(CS4900S-KIT) on sale for
$ 249.99
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What’s the difference between this and the 4905s?

Looks like the ability to upgrade to Smartphone Control is only available to the 4905 as well as security upgrade. Also capable of programming OEM remote to start car with 3X lock start intead of using the Compustar FOB in 4905 vs 4900.

Good deal. I just got this for 0 on November 15th. Installed on a 2016 Toyota Camry. Was a pain to schedule the install at BB but I love it! Just FYI, only one fob is 2-way. The tech did program my current car key to remote start by pressing the lock button 3 times.

has anyone gotten a remote start installed from bestbuy? this deal is 0 cheaper than my local remote starter installation place

The CS4905S came with T Harness which makes the install almost plug and play.


Much better way to install over HARDWIRE. I would pay extra for the T Harness if available.
Search. Slick deals for COMPUSTAR . you will find a lot of good information. It’s all about the AUTOTECH installer you get. Like everything else some are better than others.
That was the CS4905S, correct? This is the CS4900S.


I’d take the 4905 for more over the 4900.
Both models say including wire harness kit. Is that something different than in the description?
Just do a SD search for compustar and you’ll find comments

Be prepared for delays and headaches on getting this installed. I ordered one of these remote start specials 3 weeks ago from best buy and was scheduled for install this Friday. Suddenly the parts couldn’t get to the store in time and they cancelled my installation, earliest I can get in now is another 2 weeks out.


Depending on how busy your store is it may be better/worse, but I would avoid if it’s going to be a holiday present.

Ah yes, the 4905s is what I have.
This is exactly my story I’m delayed until end of December after Christmas from this upcoming weekend. They have been real jerks on the corporate front and the local store couldn’t be nicer but their hands are tied.

Arrives before Christmas.
  • All-in-one remote start & keyless entry system
  • 2 4-Button remotes with Lock, Unlock, Trunk Release, & Remote Start/Stop buttons
  • Diesel-Engine Safe
  • Includes CM900 control module
  • Automatic Transmission only

I ordered this product on a Monday afternoon and it arrived in Alaska Wednesday afternoon, so the shipping was super fast. No remote starts are super easy to install but this one went in without a hitch, works as described and my girl loves it. I also like it for the fact it doesnt have that big LCD remote, those just chew up batteries and dont fit in your pocket. This one has the two way little remote that makes sounds to let you know your vehicle is running. So it’s definitely a win and would buy again for sure.