Celestron National Park Foundation Powerseeker Telescope

Celestron National Park Foundation Powerseeker TelescopeFocus Camera via Rakuten.com
Celestron National Park Foundation Powerseeker Telescope
 (114AZ) for $ 87.49 – $ 17.50 w/ coupon code
$ 69.99
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Note, must apply the listed promo code to receive discount. You’ll also receive 1,380 ($ 13.80 value) in Rakuten Cash valid only for purchases made through 11/29/18.

Is this good to start with hobby?

Can you see Uranus with this thing ?

Anyone know if it’s possible to use a DSLR with this? Specifically a Nikon D3300?

I thought it was funny!
Are you 5?

This was frontpage previously at 0.00 and .50 (yes they shipped from Kohl’s). Most astronomy buffs get their panties in a bunch and tell you to buy a dobson instead.

My 5 year old just loves the moon.

Who are you the personality police ? Bet your the life of the party
Not if I keep my pants pulled up.
No one wants to see Uranus. Stop asking
Uranus is for probing. Seeing does nothing.
Yes. You can see Saturn’s rings, and Jupiter’s moons. great starter telescope. It was on sale at Kohl’s for 0 with 15% off on Black Friday, that was a good deal, this deal is better!

I got one of these from the .99 Kohl’s deal. Honestly, I can’t recommend it. It can see Uranus and Jupiter’s moons, but it is VERY hard to get it dialed in. It’s very unstable and the fine controls shake it more than adjust it.

Edit: Ok I guess that was a bit harsh… I did take these pictures with it and a SLR adapter…


Can someone tell me how this compares to the backordered
Celestron PowerSeeker 114 EQ

from Target for ?