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is this game even worth ? asking seriously, never played it before

I enjoyed the campaign, I think it’s worth it
It’s a fun sci-fi romp, with the space fighter combat being a high point for me. Slightly non-linear progress through the campaign was interesting as well.

3.7 out of 10 user score on metacritic…te-warfare

I am not defending the game, but I think that is misleading. Every year people tear down games like call of duty even without playing it because they can.

Example user scores COD WW2 4.2, BO 3 4.8, BO4 4.3, AW 5.7.

Bought this game when it was launched because I was a big fan of CoD. This game single handedly manage to wipe off that good standing in my mind. Not sure if it’s worth even .

I gave up on cod after ghost

Ghost was when they really started to exaggerate the head bobble, can’t stand it.

I played the MW campaign, now thise were amazing


not even worth playing for free.

Because they all suck after modern warfare 3 🤷 ♂️
Yea after ghost is when I really stopped enjoying the series. Now whenever I here people say oh did you get the new cod? Used to get excited getting it every year. I wouldn’t touch another cod game unless it’s a remastered pre-ghost cod.

For an entertaining campaign that was more enjoyable than WWII, I’d say is worth it. Never was a fan of any COD multiplayer, so I won’t comment on that.