Bushnell 1500 Lumen flashlight clearance at Walmart $9.50 – highly YMMV

Bushnell 1500 Lumen flashlight clearance at Walmart $  9.50 - highly YMMV

FYI … I was at Walmart earlier and saw a Bushnell 1500 Lumen flashlight in a pretty nice gift box packaging. It wasn’t marked, so I scanned it and it rang up at $ 9.50.

From what I can tell, it was a special Black Friday item at Walmart (for $ 20) and it didn’t sell out, so they’re clearing out the remainder.

NOTE: This uses 9 x AA batteries, so it’s not an economical flashlight for everyday use. However, it is very bright so might be good for occasional use (like one that sits at the back door to light up the yard when you hear something … or to stick in the car for occasional deer spotting or emergency use, etc.). Might also make a good stocking-stuffer type of gift for random guys or secret Santa around this time of year.

I don’t know how widespread the deal is and couldn’t pull it up on Brickseek. I only know that there were 8 or 10 on the shelf at the store I went to (in the general merchandise clearance aisle)

UPDATE: Thanks to sea3n1 for posting the Bickseek link. This appears to be highly YMMV … a number of stores show them in stock near me, but only one shows the $ 9.50 price (32707 zip) … might spread to more later, as these clearance things seem to do