Brooks Brothers Men’s Dress and Sport Shirts (Select Styles)

Brooks Brothers Men's Dress and Sport Shirts (Select Styles)
Brooks Brothers
has select
Brooks Brothers Men’s Dress Shirts and Sport Shirts
on sale for $ 69.50 (add a quantity of 4) – 40% (for purchasing 4) – 15% (in-cart discount) =
4 for $ 141.78
(~$ 35.45 each).
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Note, availability will vary by style/color. You must purchase 4 qualifying shirts for the discount to apply. Fit styles include: Milano (Extra slim), Regent (Slim), Madison (Regular), Traditional (Relaxed fit).

[Deal Review]:

Looks like non-iron shirts are not

No point in buying/wating money on iron shirt.

Should buy non iron shirts only

Brooks Brothers shirts fit like tents.

Limited selection at .50.

If you want the non-iron shirts (you really do), they are 7.68 for 4. This is still a bit better than the 4 for 9 promo they run nearly all year around and has a much wider selection of shirts.

Which works perfectly for those like me that have some blessings to hide under the tent.
Mostly true, except for Milano fit

I don’t see ‘tall’ options, anyone know if they have good tuck length?

wish they had a better selection ..

yepp, even their slim and fitted ones :/

Anyone know how their sizing compares to Charles Tyrwhitt? I.e. if I wear a slim fit in CT, would that fit the same as Milano for BB?


I’ve only tried their “extra slim fit” and it’s still pretty big on me. Is milano even slimmer than their extra slim?

The non-iron BB shirts do not breathe at all. Noticeably hotter if you get hot, like I do. The cotton fibers are fused together with formaldehyde, so they don’t wrinkle but the effect is like wearing a plastic bag.