BioShock: The Collection (Xbox One Digital Download)

BioShock: The Collection (Xbox One Digital Download)
BioShock: The Collection
(Xbox One Digital Download) on sale for
$ 15
valid for
Xbox Live Gold Members
. Thanks kugel

Alternatively, has BioShock: The Collection (Xbox One Digital Code) for $ 14.99.

Good deal, but i found bioshock 2 repetitive ultimately.

Great franchise. The first was groundbreaking. Unlike most, I thoroughly enjoyed B2 because you would dual wield a weapon and ability or play as a Big Daddy. Infinite was good, not great. IMO.

Good deal but this is the kinda series I wanna play when AFTER I let my XBL subscription lapse for having a crappy month or two or six.

You only need to be a subscriber to buy at this price, you can play it for eternity regardless of XBL status. eternity = lesser of your and xbox service’s lifetime

I wish this was remastered with 4K HDR. Still a great buy at .


First game is still worth buying at if you’ve never played it. It’s been years since I tried 2, but the main thing I remember is I didn’t enjoy the story/setting nearly as much. Hard to match the novelty of 1 once it’s been experienced.

Infinite was overhyped at the time (it’s not nearly as deep as it thinks it is), but it’s worth playing for this price.

“Thank you kindly”

That’s when I quit BioShock. What an unbelievably stupid plot.

Yup,the whole plot was about the phrase “thank you kindly ” A1 observational skills.

I think infinite was a games with gold freebie a couple years ago. I was waiting for that to roll back around…..

Shame it’s not 4k enhanced.

This is a great deal. Xbox sent me a message last week giving me , and I was waiting for something to use it on this is perfect.

“Would you kindly”