ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 O8G Video Card for $820 from NewEgg with Battlefield V code ($60) for free $819.99

NewEgg has the ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 O8G Video Card (ROG-STRIX-RTX2080-O8G-GAMING) for $ 820 with Battlefield V code ($ 60)


Normally it is $ 860 so this is $ 40 off.

You also get a Battlefield V code for free which is worth $ 60.

I like this card because it has a hardware switch that enable Quiet BIOS mode that makes the card virtually silent.

FYI, there are several versions of this video card.

1 fan, 2 fans and 3 fans –
This is the 3 fan version

There are also 3 flavors of the 3 fan card:

  • 8G is the plain model that is not overclocked.
  • A8G is overclocked at the factory but not as much as the O8G.
  • O8G is highest overclock from the factory – This is the one that is on sale

Sale ends tonight at midnight (24 Nov 2018)

I know people hate-on NVIDIA lately and the 2080 cards especially. But if you need to get a new card and don’t want to pay over $ 1000 for a 2080 ti, then this is a decent choice.

People also hate-on NewEgg because they were bought by a Chinese company in 2016 and the quality of their customer is nothing like it used to be a decade ago. But I’ve had good experiences with them so far.…6814126249…49-V04.jpg