Arcade1Up Galaga & Pac-Man Wal-Mart Exclusive Arcade Cabinets $150 B&M-only YMMV

Arcade1Up Galaga & Pac-Man Wal-Mart Exclusive Arcade Cabinets $  150 B&M-only YMMV

Wal-Mart’s Black-Friday exclusive Pac-Man & Galaga Arcade1Up cabinets are already on clearance at select stores. I just picked up a Galaga cabinet at my local Wal-Mart for $ 150. Many stores have both Galaga and Pac-Man Arcade1Up cabinets for $ 150 to clear space out after the Black Friday sale.

Pac-Man seems to be the better-selling of the two so it is much harder to find in stock and the brick-seek link doesn’t seem to ever show results. You can assume that if the store you plan to visit has the Galaga cabinet for $ 150 that they also have Pac-Man at the same price, if there are any left so big YMMV on Pac-Man but there are still PLENTY of Galaga cabinets at many stores left!

Arcade1Up Galaga Cabinet Brickseek:…=595505982

Arcade1Up Pac-Man Cabinet Brickseek:…=792203275

(Unfortunately the Pac-Man Brickseek seems to never show results for any zip-code)

NOTE: I’m hearing that some stores have them for as low as $ 148 while some are marked to $ 200. According to a Wal-Mart insider, it is entirely up to the manager what to price them at and $ 150 is the approximate jobber price for these cabinets and due to their bulk/size the stores want to clear them out for space purposes. Other cabinets like Street Fighter 2, Centipede and Missile Command are still priced at $ 299.

ANOTHER NOTE: Walmart’s Website lists both cabinets at $ 299 and there is seemingly no way to get the website to show the in-store price at the stores that have marked them down. Using Brickseek is the only way to determine which stores have marked them down.

Galaga URL (for informational purposes):…/595505982

Pac-Man URL (for informational purposes):…/792203275