Arcade1up Galaga Arcade for as low as $175.00 at Walmart B&M YMMV

Stopped by a Walmart today Dallas area and they had quite a few of the Arcade1up Galaga Arcades left marked down to $ 175.00 they also had the Pac-Man units marked down as well. I checked using Brickseek and some other stores had marked the Galaga unit down to $ 200.00. These were originally $ 299.00 before Black Friday if you buy one make sure to contact the company and get a plastic overlay for the controls or the paint will rub off.

I would recommend purchasing an extended warranty since the manufacturer’s warranty is only for 90 days. However for under $ 200.00 it is a very good deal.

The Brickseek number for the Galaga unit is 595505982.

The Brickseek number for the Pac-Man unit is 792203275 however on Brickseek it will show none on hand even though the Walmart had at least 10 guess since it was a Black Friday exclusive.

Link to Walmart for product information as stated in the title this is in-store only and YMMV.…0arcade1up