Anki Overdrive: Starter Kit or Fast & Furious Edition

Anki Overdrive: Starter Kit or Fast & Furious Edition
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Anki Overdrive Starter Kit
Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition
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$ 79.99 each
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Best Buy also has Anki Overdrive Starter Kit or Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition on sale for $ 79.99 each. Shipping is free, otherwise select in-store pickup where available.

Alternatively, has Anki Overdrive Starter Kit or Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition on sale for $ 79.99 each. Shipping is free.

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Standard Packaging
  • GEAR UP – High-Tech robotic Supercars pair with your mobile device for interactive Fast and Furious racing action
  • EIGHT BATTLEFIELDS – Disable opponents with exclusive power zone track piece as you battle against or alongside the Toretto crew on 8 different tracks with durable magnetic track pieces that snap together in seconds
  • EXPAND – Expansion possibilities are endless with expansion tracks, Supercars and Super Trucks
  • BATTLE FURIOUSLY – Compatible with the entire Anki OVERDRIVE universe, choose from Dom’s Ice Charger, Hobbs’ MXT, or mix and match your favorite Anki supercars.
  • ANDROID OR iOS – Fast & Furious Edition robotic supercars are compatible with iOS or Android mobile devices

Not much to this racing set. Make sure you have enough room for the track to be set up in. The largest configuration needs about 6ft x 6ft. The cars follow the path of the track that you create and simply follow it as you accelerate. You can switch lanes but the cars end up where they end up through the turns. The worst part is the cars constantly get off the track and you have to put them back on to continue the race. The cars charge fast, but like most slot car racing sets, one car is more dominant than the other and wins every time. I didn’t research enough to find that my 5th generation Kindle was only “partially compatible” with this set. Luckily, my phone was able to connect as the “host” and the Kindle could then be “invited” to the race. My kids played with for about 15 minutes before returning to the PS4.

[Deal Review]:

Solid reviews. In 4 1 Fast n Furious. thanks OP.

My brother has the fast and furious sets. They’re really cool to play with. Car batteries don’t last very long, maybe 20mins tops but charge pretty quickly too.

Anyone combine the normal starter set with the F&F starter set? Other than the piece with the start/finish line, there should be no conflicts. Right?

Ive read they are interchangeable.
Correct, I have both sets connected together and even if I taped over the start/finish line on one of them the cars still know there is another line and got confused. Otherwise, all other tracks are compatible and interchangeable.

Amazon also has the same price for both of them.

I read that as “Overdose” kit…Was curious… figured I could use my Narcan

22.54 on clearance at target.

Link? I see .99 at target online.
What zip code? None near me. .xx at all of my local Targets.
Was at Carson city, CA
Really how long ago did you see it I’m right near there.

I had the base starter about 2 years ago. Thought it was really cool at first, then realized it was actually pretty dumb. Some powers/cars are totally OP and the “single” player stuff is super boring/grindy. The cars aren’t really controlled by you and more or less just go on the track on the predetermined path. You can then slightly alter their speed and move them over from 1-3 lanes. It is hard to tell when a power is getting used and the batteries for the cars don’t last long.


Ended up in a storage bin for 6 months and then I sold it. I owned a super truck and 4 cars, plus a bunch of track expansions and the starter kit.


I recommend a hard pass.