American Gods Season 1 (Digital HD)

American Gods Season 1 (Digital HD)
American Gods Season 1
(Digital HD) on sale for
$ 4.99
. Thanks homerbrme & verdi1987

Apple iTunes
also has
American Gods Season 1
(Digital HD) on sale for
$ 4.99

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I was just looking for the cheapest place to get this. Thanks

Your welcome. If you haven’t read the book I highly recommend it.

I liked most of the book, but found the conclusion underwhelming.

Thanks OP!

I’ve been watching for a deal on this. Thanks! Loved the book

Also on iTunes

Great series

Saw a post on a Vudu discussion forum from a couple of days ago that the blu-ray should be d2d or m2d, but so far its not, might happen in January. I plan to buy this deal instead of waiting.

To those who enjoyed the book. What’s the deal on this?

I like the show a lot better than the book. The “Gun God” Vulcan is an awesome addition.

I watched the trailer, and even that seemed boring. If you can’t put together an enjoyable 2 minute clip then the show probably sucks

This is UltraViolet enabled, so I would not recommend buying it from Amazon or itunes. Wait for a sale from Vudu or FandangoNow if you have to have digital. Currently from Vudu, haven’t checked FandangoNow.

One of my least favorite book to show adaptations. I usually like different takes on the same story, but the show ruins a lot of the things that made the book great imo. Subtlety gives the story’s whole other-worldliness vibe some weight. The show goes hard in the opposite direction, where everything is blown out and on the nose. All of the little glipses of the extraordinary are replaced by over the top slo-mo scenes. For example, there’s an epilogue where Gaiman says he thought hard about including Jesus as a powerful God in America, but it was too obvious of a direction for the story to go and it would undermine a lot of the world building. In the show there’s an entire mansion full of Jesus’. I mean good on the show for going for it, but it wasn’t something I felt was a masterpiece of storytelling like the book. is a good price for a well produced series, but I’d whole-heartedly recommend the book beforehand / instead of or getting a 7-day starz trial and binging it.

On the positive side, I like how they turned the vignettes into a road trip. Interesting way to extend the longevity of these characters. Can’t have unique short stories every episode for multiple seasons.