All Joyor Electric Scooters 10% off with code “CYBER MONDAY” No Tax 10 inch wheels $630

All Joyor Electric Scooters 10% off with code

I’ve been checking every day for a deal from this brand and finally emailed customer service. They replied with code “CYBER MONDAY” for 10% off. I still don’t see it advertised so people may not know.

I linked to the 10-inch wheel models as that’s what I have been looking for to replace my ninebot/segway scooter. Those would seem to be the most worth it over the popular brands. Anyone who’s finally outgrown their xiaomi (bird)/segway/gotrax/swagtron etc etc, may want to look into this. I’d say even first time purchasers should consider this as the larger wheels will make your maiden voyage much smoother, but I cannot vouch for the brand yet as I’ve just ordered. When comparing to other brands/stores take no tax into consideration.

I think for the $ 45 extra anyone considering the X1 should step up to the X3 model as it’s a lot of extra battery for little money.…r–10+inch