Alienware 34″ Class Curved Gaming Monitor 799.99 at Costco $799.99

Alienware 34

Costco has the Dell Alienware 34″ 3440 X 1440 WQHD Monitor on sale for $ 200 off for today only. I know this monitor was recently on sale for this price trough NewEgg and other retailers but this is Costco so it has the best return policy.…03512.html



This is my first time posting so I hope I added everything that needed to be added.


  • The 34″ curved monitor with 21:9 ratio and 1900 Radius maximizes your field of view. The new AW3418DW provides the ultimate gaming immersion
  • Fast 120Hz refresh rate (overclocked) combined with 4ms response time delivers buttery-smooth gameplay
  • This breakthrough display technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag to deliver the smoothest, fastest, most breathtaking gaming—and a serious competitive edge
  • Designed for the enthusiast, the AW3418DW delivers a futuristic style and precise form with solid stability
  • Customizable AlienFX (with 4 different lighting zones) provides a personalized, dynamic look to make your monitor reflect your style and deliver deeper immersion in the game

At the time of purchase, I believe this is the overall best monitor for a gaming PC you can currently get. G-Synch, 120Hz, ultrawide aspect ratio, 3440×1440, IPS panel — I could go on, but it basically ticks all the boxes.

120Hz doesn’t look any different than 144Hz to me, and it’s cool that 24, 30, 60 all go into 120 evenly, so pretty much any content you watch is going to be about as smooth as it could be.

There are some 2560×1080 34″ monitors, but you really want 3440×1440 at this size. 2560×1080 is a little too blurry when stretched out across 34″. The AW3418DW at 3440×1440 resolution is very crisp. I have 20/20 vision, and I guess from a perfectionist point of view I wouldn’t say no to an even higher resolution at this size, but I have to say that I am absolutely satisfied by this resolution at this size. Things are clear and crisp and it’s good.

If you haven’t tried G-sync yet, you really should. The level of smoothness is difficult to describe but man it is superior – there are videos on the subject if you are curious and need convincing. Coming from many non-adaptive refresh monitors, I will not go back.

The curve might put some people off, but in my opinion it only will if they are thinking of curved TVs. A curved TV isn’t great because your guests off-center of the TV will see a really skewed image due to the curve. But a curved monitor, at this huge size, this close to your face on your desk? It just makes sense. If I had a totally flat screen at this size & distance, then if I look at the edge of the screen, I’d be looking at that edge at a very significant and noticeable angle. But due to the curve, the edges can be looked at effectively “straight on.” The way this monitor wraps around the person sitting at their desk is not extreme; and it’s very comfortable and hypnotizingly enveloping. I’d say the level of immersion this offers is a “poor man’s VR,” but honestly this is not any cheaper than a VR-ready setup, so that joke falls flat. Ha.