Add-On Item: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

Add-On Item: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot
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Add-on Item: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster
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In for one plus accessories

This fires hard! I’ve had several people ask if the spring was modded. Nope, all stock.

In for two, thanks! Amazon is great on the nerf stuff this year!

My coworker has a six dart one. I’m gonna be out-nerfed.

Buy two of these and you can dual wield. The six shooter takes both hands to shoot and cock.

In 4 1 ty!

In for 2!

Great blaster. One of the few nerfs that can be operated with one hand.

Very easy to mod as well, undo the screws, remove the restricter valve, reassemble. There are youtube videos to show you how easy this can be accomplished if you’re not mechanically inclined.

Perfect to have around at this price. Love Nerf!

As others have said, this is a great blaster.


It’s probably the only dart-firing pistol I’d even recommend, not because the rest suck, but because this one is so good.


For small kids, the hammer prime might not be a good idea though. I’d suggest a Triad or Disruptor/equivalent.

Shows .97 at Walmart. So dead there. Still .97 at Amazon for add-on.

Now I’ve got defense from the kids guns….

Target also has the 30 pack zombie refill darts for .89 & free shipping

  • Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting
  • Holds 5 Zombie Strike darts
  • One-handed blasting
  • Blaster comes with 5 Zombie Strike darts, Zombie Strike stencils and instructions
  • Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting.
  • One-handed blasting.
  • Blaster comes with 5 zombie strike darts, zombie strike stencils and instructions.

Revenge of the Dad! This Nerf pistol is the perfect sidearm.

So, my 12 year old son has acquired a small arsenal of Nerf blasters. One of his favorites is a rig with a drum magazine that slam fires darts as he catches you out in the open. I saw this pistol as the ‘deal of the day’ and thought “I shall have my revenge!”

First off, this pistol is smaller than most of the ones I have seen. It is about half the size of the six shooting Strong Arm. Thanks to the hammer cocking system, you can shoot this pistol off hand or with any other standard pistol technique. So, let the Cowboy Action begin!

My son grabbed his weapon of choice and tried to ambush me in the hallway. I said to myself, “Not this time.” I brandished my pistol and fired off a volley using my left hand to fan the hammer and recock.. He sprayed darts all around me. And then he fell victim to the major fault of all drum magazines, it jammed! Now, I discovered the second key advantage of my new five shooter. You can easily harvest darts with the swipe of your hand and reload the open cylinder in seconds. With a fresh load, I charged him Wyatt Earp style and finally put that varmint down….

If you have Nerf blasters in your home, or are thinking of joining in on the fun, this is The Pistol to have.