Acton blink go $135.99 – ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD – eBay

Acton blink go $  135.99 - ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD - eBay

I tried the promo code
for 15% off toys, hoping it was considered a toy, and it WORKED!!

These are the same as the Acton Blink Lite, so it’s their beginner/kid model. But for $ 136 it’s going to be a great board to chuck in the trunk of my car and use around town for quick errands at work.

This is not to be compared to a Boosted. This thing costs less than the Boosted’s VESC, so keep that in mind. It’s actually cheaper than many kick skateboards. The fact that it as a tail and is super light caught my attention. I want my electric board to act as much as my kick board as possible (outside of the electric drive)…1647721599