90% off Car Quest – Now $1 – Nintendo Switch $0.99

90% off Car Quest - Now $  1 - Nintendo Switch $  0.99

From $ 9.99 to $ 1.00. From the creators:

“It’s the perfect travel game – single player, no internet required, easy drop in and out, so if you are doing any travelling this holiday season you might as well grab a copy. Also, it’s really small (only 235 MB!), leaving plenty of space for other games on your Switch.

Why so cheap you ask? When we launched in November we sort of got buried by 30+ other games launching that week and debuted on row 10 of the new releases. Because of the way the eShop is set-up the only way for small indies to get any kind of visibility is to run sales like this and hopefully get some charting traction. Hopefully you can help us out and pick up our game while it is on sale. Anyway, thanks for checking it out!”