8oz Vera Wang Embrace Women’s Body Mist (Green Tea and Pear Blossom)

8oz Vera Wang Embrace Women's Body Mist (Green Tea and Pear Blossom)
8oz Vera Wang Embrace Women’s Body Mist
(Green Tea and Pear Blossom) on sale for
$ 2.55
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[Deal Review]:

Thanks for the details. Bought one

Marigold and gardenia was .70 w/15% S&S

It’s an add on item

Became Add on item

Yes, it’s an add-on item, but if you
scroll down the page
you can also choose to subscribe & save.

Yay FP!
Glad this deal is helpful. Thanks for the comments/TU/reps.

in for one! Thanks!

There is far more to life than getting upvotes, reps, etc etc ….I understand deals are great….but you should….live a little ?
I must be dumb. I choose subsvribe n save and still is an add on can not check out
It’s freezing outside…

Also, I live in the middle of nowhere; it’s ~40 minutes to the nearest grocery store/movie theatre, etc. No joke.

In for 1. Will be great after work to fresh
. Subscribe &save gave me shipping

Shows as an Add-on even after subscribe & save.
With all the money you’ve saved you should move to the Carribean lol. All is well….I’m just picking
Stick Out Tongue
What are you doing on Slickdeal? Live a little..