70-Count Vitafusion B Complex Gummy Vitamins

70-Count Vitafusion B Complex Gummy Vitamins
70-Count Vitafusion B Complex Gummy Vitamins
$ 3.35
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Its a good price but their vitamins in general provide 1/2 per serving than other brands – that is true of all their vitamins – so you need to take double making them very expensive!

Contains Gelatin

250count vitamin at wholesale is usually with coupon come down to

Link does not seem to be working.


I’d assume anything “gummy” does. Is that bad? I’m not being a smartass; is there some kind of concern about gelatin?
Alot of people who are vegans don’t eat gelatin due to it being an animal product. Me on the other hand… I love all things gummy.
Yes, only available from 3rd party sellers now.
Oh, I thought it was something serious

I am getting a cant ship to your address error. I am in MA, anyone else having that problem?

I just got the deal.

It’s not kosher either.