50′ Southwire 12/3 12-Gauge 15-Amp Outdoor Extension Cord

50' Southwire 12/3 12-Gauge 15-Amp Outdoor Extension Cord
50′ Southwire 12-Gauge 15-Amp Outdoor Extension Cord
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  • High visibility blue low-temperature vinyl jacket, resists oil, grease,moisture
  • 3-conductor, 12-gauge wire, 15-amp rating
  • Contractor grade, circular saw, heater, table saw
  • Power indicator light lets you know where the power is 12 GAUGE HEAVY DUTY, 50 ft.
  • Ul listed and meets osha specifications

I bought two of these for use with an electric snow thrower. Regular yard extension cords won’t work well enough for a snow thrower, i.e. the classic orange cord used with a weed wacker won’t work.

The snow thrower is rated at about 13 amps, which is a lot of juice. This nice 12 gauge wire can handle the power draw, even when I combine two 50 footers to reach 100 feet. The circuit breaker never popped ever when pushing the snow thrower hard into the blizzard of 2011’s drifts.

Beyond the 12 gauge wire, these cords stay pretty soft and flexible outside in the cold. I had to lend it to a neighbor – he has a gas snow thrower but needs a power cord to use the electric starter on it. His orange yard cord froze into a twisted ball within seconds of walking outside and he couldn’t get it to untangle / reach. This blue cord works in the cold.

I hope it’s also usable in the summer for lighter power loads. Can’t imagine why not, but will need to investigate.

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got the 100 ft one as i need it for the snowblower! fml

Several reviews state that the cord received was not “Made in the USA”.

I saw that as well. I bought a similar extension cord of theirs a month ago and it was made in USA.

Why “Made in America” has double the price compared to “Made in China”, America has cheap labor.

Order one. If not made in USA, just return it.

The home depot one has triple tap……. unless you need it for yard work. then this one is still good.



Cheap labor is more expensive than borderline slave labor. Is this a good gauge for most normal power tool applications?

it is more than enough for most normal power tools, this is good for 15 amp tools such as 10″ table saws.
Most power tools are 15 amps or less. You typically see 15 amps on some circular saws, miter saws, and table saws.


There’s also this Yellow Jacket for .79 after coupon on Amazon. It’s got a little more strain relief on the cable. Coleman and Woods are both part of the Southwire family.




Compared that to at Home Depot.



Debating buying the 50′ or 100′ .

My current thought is buying the 50 would be better as you can always connect another 50′ 12awg if 15A at 100′ is needed but also keep the option to connect a 50′ 16awg if you need the weigh reduction for something like using 5A hedge trimmers overhead?

Any downsides to this logic?

Home Depot offers a helpful webpage guide called:
“How To Choose Extension Cords”
which lists cord lengths vs. gauges and typical applications. It also provides a key to the letters embossed/molded on a cord’s jacket. It can be found at:



This one looks pretty good for the extreme north (block heaters, etc):


Hopefully COSTO will have item back this spring.