$50 App Store & iTunes Gift Card

$ 50 App Store & iTunes Gift Card
ACI Gift Cards LLC via Amazon
$ 50 App Store & iTunes Gift Card
on sale for
$ 42.50
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. Thanks Discombobulated


Note: This is an Amazon Lightning Deal and is available for a limited time or until offers are 100% claimed.

The card itself is quick and easy… when it works. I have attempted to purchase this three times. The first time it came up as a fraudulent charge by Amazon and they locked my account for 5 hours. The second time it worked fine and got the card within minutes no issue. The third time Amazon again locked my account due to possible fraud for 5 hours..

[Deal Review]:

Meh need to get under for me to bite with the glut of deals last two weeks. Apple must be quite desperate to get more $ from service side with slumping ,000 iPHONE sales!

Womp womp

Anyone know if they have deals like this for the Apple store (not iTunes/App Store) ever? I need to get a gift card from there and not sure if it’s just a 1:1 thing. Thanks!

In for 1. Thanks.

can anyone confirm that iTunes credit can pay for iCloud storage upgrade (.99 per month)?

Yes I do exactly this. Can even pay for Netflix if you made your account on your iPhone (a while ago. They don’t allow to pay for Netflix with it unless you were grandfathered in)
Will it take from the gift card first no matter what, or do I have to set priority
How do you set that up? Thanks!

Damm… only can buy 1. Needed for apple music.

Yes gift card first
It seems I was incorrect about the Netflix. They used to allow you to use iTunes as a payment method but they have now removed the feature. Only available to people who already used it


Use discover for 5% CB. Effectively .38.


Edit: discover only.