4K UHD Digital Movies: The Bridge on the River Kwai, Close Encounters, Labyrinth

4K UHD Digital Movies: The Bridge on the River Kwai, Close Encounters, Labyrinth

Apple iTunes has
4K UHD Digital Movies
on sale for
$ 4.99 each
. Thanks Discombobulated


, must purchase through the iTunes platform.

I noticed no one has reviewed the 4K with hdr. The film is obviously older and there is some grainyness to me, but 10x clearer in 4K. the hdr proscess has opened up the darkness that is common in older movies. The box claims that it has been converted to Atmos, I could not get it to play. Yes I have an Atmos system. Other that that it played in Dolby Digital just fine.

[Deal Review]:

Jareth: Ah, what have we here?

Hoggle: Uh, nothin!

Jareth: Nothing? Nothing! Nothing, tra la la?

great prices. wish these were on google instead.

Very good deals! Where do you hear about this stuff?

In for District 9, thanks!

Bummer. Already owned Labyrinth in HD so I’m unable to purchase 4k. =(

you can gift it to yourself and select 4k if there is a 4k version

Fantastic find. Good job.


Lawrence of Arabia in 4K from iTunes transfers to movies anywhere in 4K. Perfect.

CheapCharts app

FYI OP, your Glory link goes to Wall Street.

Gotta get me some of that black and white movie from 1951 in 4K!

Do these transfer to Movied anywhere with account link up? Thank you

Not sure if this is the place for this, so if not, and someone is willing to take the time and drop me a message I would appreciate it, but I have all of these on Blu-ray (and 2,500 or so other movies as well) and I am late to the 4K party, but how does one “own” these digitally? Are they stored on a device? Stored on an online account? If I get an account (Google was mentioned?) does that limit me to buying whatever they will sell and/or host? Do these have the lossless HD Audio codecs too, or is there still an advantage to UHD physical discs vs the digital versions? (the reason I bought so heavily into Blu-ray)


Sorry for the silly questions….. had always been a physical media guy because quality > convenience for me, but will switch if the quality is there.



EDIT: Bridge over River Kwai is a fantastic film…… the code-red mountain dew generation can have their crazy rich asians.

I’m still unclear how itunes 4k works. So do I need a 4k apple TV. Or will hooking my macbook up to a 4k tv work. Some say i won’t get 4k unless its streamed from the apple TV.