3pk Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm (Battery, 2nd Gen) + $29 Rakuten Points

3pk Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm (Battery, 2nd Gen) + $  29 Rakuten Points
Beach Camera via Rakuten
has 3
-Pack Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm
(Battery, 2nd Gen) +
$ 29.37 in Rakuten Points
for $ 327 – $ 60 w/ coupon code
$ 267
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Beach Camera via Rakuten
also has
3-Pack Nest Indoor Security Camera + $ 37.07 in Rakuten Points
for $ 397 – $ 60 w/ coupon code
$ 337
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[Deal Review]:

Never cared for Rakuten points before, but this deal has got me interested. Anything I need to know about Rakuten points before I jump on this?

I was interested in the Nest cameras until I found out that they require a subscription to be any good… If that wasn’t enough, they consume a huge amount of bandwidth since they upload to Nest cloud.

With no option to store video locally, if the nest service or your internet goes out, your cameras are useless. For me… All that means is if someone wants to circumvent my security they simply need to cut the cable that is ground level and my security would be compromised.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what to get yet but I am considering a Unifi video camera setup.

Great deal on the smoke detectors. I’ve been waiting for a deal like this. Repped.

Nest products are SOOOO overpriced. What are the advantage of these compare to other brands

Primary focus is the simplicity of a smart home. All their products work together in some fashion so the benefits grow as you buy more into their system. Similar to the strategy of Apple products. I agree that they’re pricey upfront but I find them easy to use and have few complaints about features
They’re useful as long as you plan on continuing to shop with them. Rakuten points expire within 180 days

Not sure why this is being called a great deal.

Smoke detectors were sold for 80 dollars per piece just few weeks ago. I got 5 for 420 dollars I believe..

These are around 90 dollars each

For me I wanted something that would alert my phone in case of smoke or co when I was not home. There really are not many competitors in that space.

Do you guys remember when the top price on the Nest Protect’s were 0 and when they went on sale they were around and then Nest arbitrarily raised the price without revving the hardware or adding any additional features?

It’s not uncommon to have 10+ smoke detectors in your home. If Nest thinks I am dropping 00 on smoke detectors they are out of their minds.

Also the life cycle is roughly 7 years and it will t.urn itself off after that timespan

That’s wonderful, but that deal isn’t around anymore. You can’t call out every deal that isn’t the greatest of all time. There would be very few deals posted.

Besides that, this ended up being cheaper when you factor in Rakuten Points. It comes with ~ in Rakuten points and then if you use MasterCard you can get an additional in Rakuten points. If you factor the in points in it ends up being per unit, essentially beating the deal prior. I happened to have Rakuten points to burn so it ended up being even better for me. This is a “great deal”.

Doh, looking for nest protect wired, doesnt seem to be on sale. Sad face.

10 years.
There is something to be said for everything working in one ecosystem. Right now I have a lot of different apps that I use for various smart things and the Nest app is by far the most polished and better functioning of them all.