30-Piece SKIL Router Bit Set (1/4″ Diameter Shank)

30-Piece SKIL Router Bit Set (1/4Lowes.com
30-Piece SKIL Router Bit Set
(1/4″ Diameter Shank) on sale for
$ 49
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. Thanks k_rammer

Seems like a good price for a set of name-brand quality router bits. HD wants , Amazon wants , eBay wants (seller with 96% rating).


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Even better when paired with Military discount or coupon code

I got a 10% off code to work but not off with a filler.

I got this set during Black Friday and routed the ogee profile onto a countertop I made. Did about 25 linear feet with no issue. Not super experienced so I don’t know what to expect but it did need some fine sanding to smooth at the end but it did a nice job!

used filler to get to and used 10 off 50 to bring down to 40. Good deal!

Just got a Bosch router and ordered a 15 pcs bit set on AliExpress. I’m sure the quality isn’t quite the same, but should I buy this one too?

Good find. In for one. Added 3 Dixon pencils to get my total above , then used a 10 off of 50. My total was .82 after tax. Thanks OP!

Picked this up on BF along with the Kobalt router. Seemed to be the best price around for bits and I wanted to use everything same day so it worked out.


Used one bit so far and it seems to be working well, but I’m brand new to a router so my opinion doesn’t count for much ha

same price as last year.

Where can I find the lowes coupon, 10 off 50?

i dont know why people keep asking this when all you have to do is google it
I will be nicer and PM you the link as I’m not sure if its allowed to be posted
Thank you for your kindness and the coupon. As for the other person, i hope his/her phone falls in the toilet.

  • Variety of popular cutting profiles
  • Solid wood, felt-lined case
  • Recommended for use with a routing table

I purchased these Router Bits first because of the name Skil and second because for the price you get 30 bits! I’ve only used the 3/4 inch straight bit so far, but I cut into hard wood without burning the bit once! I did make 3 1/8th inch depth pass each time to make sure I didn’t burn-up the bit! I was routing through Maple Butcher Block. I have to say the bit performed well! So I was able to route and install these universal T-Tracks in my Maple Butcher Block Table with ease using these Skil router bits! Great Product!