3-Piece KNIPEX Pliers Set (7″ + 10″ + 12″)

3-Piece KNIPEX Pliers Set (7
3-Piece KNIPEX Pliers Set
(7″ + 10″ + 12″, 00 20 06 US2) for $ 112.84 > now
$ 108.95
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3-Piece KNIPEX Pliers Set
(7″ + 10″ + 12″, 00 20 06 US2) for $ 116.57 > now
$ 109.23
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  • 3 of the most popular size Water Pump Pliers in a plastic tray, sealed package
  • Contents includes: 88 01 180, 88 01 250, 88 01 300
  • More output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length: offer 9 adjustment positioning for 30% more gripping capacity
  • Good access to the workpiece due to slim size in the head and joint area
  • Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low handforce required

Great plier set. Expensive compared to even Craftsman but better, a lot better. Greater control and not sloppy. So much range. And the range of openings hold. I’ve had pliers where I set the amount of opening and then it moves on its own. Also, the angles are good most pliers are designed so the more they open, the more off the angle is. The jaws grip better than Craftsman too. I’ve never had snap on alligator style pliers so I can’t compare (and they aren’t cheap either). But I bought Bluepoint from Taiwan and they didn’t hold up at all, they got sloppy in a year. So you are going to pay for good pliers and if you use them a lot like I do to work on my cars, household repairs, etc., they are worth every penny. I like the set because it’s not much more than buying two pliers individually and these three cover most jobs. The big ones are big enough to compress break calipers, the little ones great for spring hose clamps. The medium and large ones for plumbing. In fact, I used the small pliers today to put in a sprayer in my kitchen sink. So they are excellent and I put them to work on day one and they immediately became my go to pliers.

[Deal Review]:

Nice set but expensive. If you can deal with slightly less niceness check out the rebranded Knippex set from Craftsman at Sears. You can use your Sears codes to get a 2 piece plier set for a steal. I think they are equivilant to the Knippex cobra line.

Why are you comparing prices to 2 different tools? The pliers wrench is very different from the cobras.

These are expensive but I have to say they are the absolute best new tool I have bought in a very long time.


HIGHLY recommended.


If you are not familiar with them, the jaws open and close parallel to each other. This allows them to basically replace an entire wrench set.



I paid for the 10″ ones alone ~4 months ago.

Got these from another vendor during last year’s sale. Same price but wasn’t charged tax so better deal
. Anyway, very nice set, high quality.

Knipex Cobras are really nice channel lock/tongue and groove style pliers, these are the pliers-wrenches that are more like an adjustable wrench or crescent wrench that locks down on the fastener with smooth parallel jaws.


But irregardless, the Craftsman version of the Cobras is no longer available.


BTW, if there’s a Menards in your area you can pick up some pretty good deals on a smattering of Knipex. For example the single 10″ pliers-wrench is (after rebate). The 10″ Cobra is and the 7″ is , matching the defunct Craftsman set that Danteshors was talking about.

I purchased these earlier this year and have used it dozens of times so far. Every single time I have taken it out to use, I become even more satisfied with my purchase. HIGHLY recommended!

OK, I caved and bought the set. I’ll give the 10″ ones to a co-worker.


Thanks OP.

I have the 12″ version because it is the biggest flat jaw plier.

Can I be your coworker?
Do you mean the 12″ is the biggest flat jaw plier out of this set or biggest ever? If you mean the latter, I would argue that the 16″ Knipex flat jaw plier is, indeed, the biggest and makes the 12″ look cute. It’s a beast. I also own the 10″ and 12″.
I didn’t know there is a 16″, but 12″ seems bigger than other brands already
The 16″ is going for 2 right now with prime.



Shipped and sold by Amazon. 20% off Amex points deal. Great tools.