3-Pack Lion Brand Yarn (Various Colors & Types)

3-Pack Lion Brand Yarn (Various Colors & Types)
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3-Pack Lion Brand Yarn
(Various Colors & Types) on sale for
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  • Fabric Type: 98% Acrylic/2% Polyester
  • Import Designation: Made in the USA or Imported
  • Fabric care instructions: Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low

Just started my project with this yarn. I knit on a loom not with knitting needles. The yarn is a bit hard to work with, kind of separates and bunches together and the ends fray badly. Love the color, reminds my of Goldie Locks hair. I hope the project does not look all frayed when I am finished.
UPDATE: This is the worst yarn you can buy. I wish I could give it less than one star. It bunched, frayed, separated and caused me nothing but problems. The last few stitches, even knitting without any tension at all, the yarn broke which made my project a piece of trash. I will never buy this brand of yarn again. I knit hats for the homeless in my area and they deserve better than this.
UPDATE #2: I contacted Lion Brand yarn with the same review as above. Their customer service is AWESOME. Debbie contacted me and offered me a replacement. I knit hats for the homeless and she helped me pick something that would give me the most bang for my buck. I probably won’t buy this TYPE of yarn again but I will definitely buy Lion Brand!

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Yes She should be able to get 2-3 depending on how tight her stitches are.

Type of yarn Yardage for a beanie

3 Light 200 to 300 yards

4 Medium 150 to 250 yards

5 Bulky 125 to 200 yards

6 Super bulky 75 to 125 yards

Awesome. Thanks!

Fueling my yarn addiction… Bought 9 packs for when each one goes for around at Walmart. Thumbs up and Rep’d

This is great but I’m falling behind on my projects vs amount of yarn. Thanks!!!

Thanks, grandma going to be happy to make us some beanies. Win win

This would be good to donate to Comfort for Critters.

Any idea on how itchy the wool is? Thinking of doing blankets and scarves

Coupon code isn’t working for me…?

Oops! Can’t use that code anymore

Me too :<

Code doesn’t apply anymore.

Dead, we need more yarn deals!

It’s 100% acrylic so not as soft as wool but it holds up to washing much better and doesn’t shrink. I’ve made several hats and scarves out of it and they are warm and soft, although I wouldn’t make a baby blanket out of it.