3-Count Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen

3-Count Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen
3-Count Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen
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About the product
  • Instantly removes many fresh food and drink stains.
  • Portable
  • Works well on tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup.
  • No mess, nothing to throw away, nothing to get on hands, etc.
  • Instantly removes many fresh food and drink stains.

There are 5 people in our house doing laundry. So, we go through a lot of detergent. I thought I’d give the pods a try. I really like the simplicity of using them. I also found they keep my laundry room cleaner. No gooey plastic cups around and no spills on the washing machine. I have two adult daughters living home and they are not the neatest people. I have had issue with them not putting the cap back on the detergent. A few times they also put it too close to the edge on top of the machine. During a high spin cycle, it ended up all over the floor. It was such a mess. So, the pods solve the messy laundry room and messy kid problems.

Given the ease of use, I wanted to reorder. I figured they were probably much more expensive than the other forms of Tide though and perhaps a luxury that I could not afford. So, I decided to do a price comparison. The results follow in order of affordability:

95 oz. powder for $11.97 (.17 per load)
72 pods for $15 (.20 per load)
50 oz liquid for $9.94 (.31 per load)

[Deal Review]:

Thanks! Great deal. I had to go back and re-click the box for the coupon because it didn’t apply the first time I went to check out.

Great deal but again add on item

Good price.


I got these last time, and frankly was pretty disappointed. I am using them in-line with the description:


I found that they either do little to nothing or in some cases spread the stain out making it larger. They may work as a pre-laundry stain pen, but using them on-the-go is not a good experience.


If you look at the one star reviews you’ll see I’m not alone.

These work great and saved me a lot of time and money. I keep them in my car and in my office for safe keeping.

Just it for 4.11 with subscribe and save. Banging deal

And for that reason I am out…

Average price on camelcamelcamel is .55

My experience has been the total opposite.


I soak white work shirts in oxyclean, they are a pain to wash and keep clean, but after I started using these I had no need to soak a shirt that had minimal (but unacceptable) staining on it.


So I’m in the saves time and money camp..

.99 with tax, bang! Got it

I agree. These suck.

It’s not letting me checkout even with S&S. Anyone else experience this?

Add-on item

Same here. I already got my 15% savings enabled with my other subscriptions for January but this is not giving me the coupon and is only giving me 5% with an earlier ship date than my other janiary stuff.