27-Piece KidKraft Cookware Playset

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27-Piece KidKraft Cookware Playset
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27-Piece KidKraft Cookware Playset
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So I have an almost 2yrs old daughter and I’m torn on some of these “home related toys”. Wanted to get opinions from parents with kids as what you think about getting, I guess what I would call domestic related play sets like kitchen tools for girls. Is that stereotyping and setting her up for a role of domestication while nothing wrong with that if that’s her choice later in life, I just don’t know how I feel about sparking her off so early with stuff like this and full kitchen play sets that I’ve been eyeing. Appreciate construction inputs on it

Actually boy or girl it doesn’t matter. They can both become chefs. But that said I would get the metal set from Ikea. Your childs personality will bloom and more then likely you will see what she likes when she plays. Toys don’t have to be played with the way they are meant to be played with.


My son would take toys and look and play and be done. Very fast… As he grew he took wall plates off the wall… Frustrating.. Now in school he took a small motor class and loved it. (taking things apart.. ha ha…) The way we look at toys needs to be changed. Let them play… if you see they don’t like it take them and put in a plastic box and take them out in 6 months time. It gives the childs brain time to mature. Do this a few times if they don’t want it after the 3rd time donate and get it out of the house.


Just don’t have so many toys that it over whelmes them and you. It becomes to much for both child and parent.


Good luck to you. Children are amazing.

Wanted to add… my kids loved playing with any type of cooking set with playdoh and a play stove.

Let her choose. It wouldn’t be fair to deprive kids of their favorite toys because of our insecurity. my 2cents.

Well at age of under 2 kids don’t really know, right? Some updated child development research states that giving too many options to kids just confuse them and it’s the parents job to guide them through the process. I already bought some kitchen toys, I understand they help develop motor skills, I was thinking to get her those tool kit workshop toys as well when on sale again, and I already have other puzzle and gender neutral toys she enjoys. I will say if I have to do a more balanced approach, I should stop buying “domestication” household toys.

They have these colors for more. KidKraft 27pc Cookware Set – Pastel

I think this gender stereotyping has created a fear in parents that is completely unnecessary. In my opinion, the best thing you can help your children do is help them discover and encourage imagination and creativity. That’s the key to their development and future problem solving skills.


I have two girls – 2yo and 4yo. My 4yo is into cars and all sorts of what some might call “boy stuff”. But I could care less. This has nothing to do with their “gender identity” but rather interests as a person. I think there’s a certain sense of fear that has been placed in parents minds because of the “gender revolution” and that based on our kids preferences and curiosity we should let them decide their gender. That’s just a bunch of crap. Kids use imagination to help them sort through some difficult concepts that even we as adults struggle sometimes to understand.


By letting my kids play with dolls or cars or kitchen stuff doesn’t create any sort of stereotyping. Help them discover their interests by introducing different types of toys and ideas. Heck, the best toys you can give them is a stick and some string. With a little nudging and encouragement from the parent(s) they will soon be in a world of their own fighting dragons or fishing for mermaids.

My Grandmunchkin (girl) plays with Trucks cars etc and is constantly helping me fix things.. I love it … she also enjoys dolls a playing in her kitchen… I vote you get them all types of toys and tools and let them decide what they choose to excel at.. just my two cents

Ordered for 1 year old

You are way overthinking it! Let them play with what they enjoy playing with. You aren’t going to ruin your daughter by letting her play with traditionally girl toys, nor will you ruin her by letting her play with traditionally boy toys. It is about developing motor skills, having fun, and being a kid!

My son LOVES huge trucks and tools and will spend hours using a small screw driver to take out and replace batteries around in all his cars with sound or movement but his favorite activity he can literally do all day morning till night is playing with his (gender neutral) kitchen. It gives them so much room to be creative and as we know cooking for your family is a sign of love and caring so when they ask you to play or offer you a plate of their yummy rabbit stew its their way of engaging and showing compassion and care for others. I agree that this culture’s gender revolution is absurd in the fact that people think that NOT allowing their children to play with or use domestic items is in some way liberating them when really they are just missing out…idk just my thought!

Why not let them help out simple task in the kitchen?

This little set is perfect for imaginative play. And, since it comes from kidcraft, you already expect the best. This product is no exception. The set is colorful, cute, durable, high quality, and is perfect for little hands. Not to mention, they’re also to scale. Not only with each other, but the matching kidcraft kitchen as well. We got both this kitchenware set and the matching pastel kitchen for our daughters second birthday. She loves to “cook”, so these were perfect. I’ve never eaten so much pretend food in my life lol. She will stand and play with these for hours. Even by themselves, they’re a really great “toy”. I put toy in quotation marks because I believe that things like this can really teach a child valuable lessons. Things that they’ll have to implement later on in life, like cooking and washing dishes. And, maybe even learn to enjoy it (well, not so much the washing dishes part, because who enjoys that? Haha!). If you get this set, I’d also recommend getting them some play food. There are lots of great brands out there in both plastic and wood that meet several different price ranges and are different quantities. They’re perfect for tossing in these little pots, pans and bowls! Overall, this is a wonderful teaching toy that they’re sure to enjoy for years to come.