24oz Rachael Ray Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle

24oz Rachael Ray Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle
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  • This 24 ounce cruet is perfect for EVOO, extra virgin olive oil, or anything that you want to drizzle or pour
  • The design is both contemporary and playful, lending itself to any type of home decor; From traditional to modern this cruet adds function and style
  • The opaque bottle and nonporous glazed interior keeps oil in the dark to avoid oxidation and preserve taste
  • Dishwasher Safe

A very attractive, solid-feeling dispenser. Oil flows out in a steady, smooth stream, with minimal dripping (although there is a little bit around the spout). Easy to grip and use while cooking, and gives great control.

The spout itself can get loose over time, but a thorough washing usually helps it adhere better. Filling it is a little bit of a pain – the curve of the bottle makes it impossible to just have it rest on a surface while you pour oil down the neck, unless you’re operating from a very slender bottle of oil. It’s much easier to fill with two people (one holding and one pouring). Finally, for all the heft of the product, it will break easily if dropped; partly this is the nature of stoneware, though, so it’s hardly a surprise.

On the whole, definitely recommended.

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.99 for Amazon Prime members. Thanks OP for posting


Amazing prices

Wanted an oil dispenser, and this color is really nice, too. Thanks, OP!

Copped it

10% cb available w/ e b ate

Amazon has Rachael Ray 53253 Stoneware EVOO and Vinegar Dispensing Bottle, 13-Ounce and 24-Ounce, Set of 2, Red – .69



Pls note the outlet is wide and you pour more oil then wt u need. I have one if this still learnung to use

Review for the bottle is not good: Reviews


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Not functional


by atlcharm


I wish I still had the box so that I could return this to Macy’s. I was so sure this was going to work I throughout the box. It is horrible. You have to tip the bottle really far before any oil comes out, and then it comes out in a big gush. So long for calorie control. In addition, the little clip that closes over the spot keeps flapping open. I guess my oil will go rancid. I knew the sale price was too good to be true. You get what you pay for.


No! I don’t recommend this product!

I was looking at this earlier but decided to pass because it’s not clear and you can’t see how much is inside. Just makes refills easier. Good deal for those who don’t care.

Am I seeing this correct? for an empty bottle? What keeps people from using other bottles after using the contents (ex. Coke, detergent, etc)?

Wish they had white

I know what you mean but last time I tried that I ended up putting tide on my pasta
I pour from a gallon jug, currently. I got this
Not using it to dress a salad!