2-Year Wired Magazine Subscription

2-Year Wired Magazine Subscription
2-Year Wired Magazine Subscription
(24-Issues) on sale for
$ 7.99
with coupon code
. Thanks munzdeals92

[Deal Review]:

In for 2 more years. Received this for a decade. Always worth the 35 cents per issue.

Great deal! Just realized my Amazon subscription was auto renewed and was charged a hefty / year… Submitted cancellation but haven’t heard back in a week.

Damn just paid 5 bucks for a year

Anybody have experience with this lock-in price option? Can you keep this subscription price forever and not have to worry about promotion codes ever again?

There any way to just get the digital subscription? Not interested in the dead tree version not having to recycle them.

Would love to know this too. I would get this if I could just have digital version

I used to be a subscriber, but it didn’t last long when I realized they try to shove their political agenda down your throat.

I just subscribed a couple months ago. I read their online articles more than just about any other publisher! The print mag has a format that is difficult to read (not standard columns), but the content is great. I heartily recommend for anyone interested in tech, science, and gadgets… well, I’m suspicious their gadgets articles are sponsored, but it’s neat the see innovative products nonetheless.

Leave the print mag at your office, school, or a clinic. Someone will pick it up.
No, just no… As is the case with MAD and NG magazines, Wired should never be recycled!

Used to have wired when they first started ‘late 90’s’? Felt it was a waste of time back then. Since they survived all those years it’s worth to try again…

edit: okay . adjusted for inflation… lol

I won’t be renewing my subscription. Wired really has become a political rag. If I wanted political propaganda I’d buy a newspaper.

Get the subscription, when you get the online login set, call up and say you will be traveling and to just stop shipping/hold the magazine until you call them back.