160-Ct Peet’s Coffee Espresso Sampler Capsules (Nespresso Original Line)

160-Ct Peet's Coffee Espresso Sampler Capsules (Nespresso Original Line)
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
160-Count Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules
(Nespresso Original Line, Various Flavors) on sale for
$ 44.55
when you follow the steps below.
Shipping is free
. Thanks itsarectangle


  1. Select 160-Count Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules
  2. Select the “Subscribe” option
  3. Add the Subscription to cart
    • You will be prompted to name and to select the frequency of the subscription
  4. Proceed to cart
  5. Sign in to your existing account or create an account
  6. Apply promo code HALFSUBS at checkout
  7. Total will be $ 44.55 + Free Shipping

[Deal Review]:

Sampler pack (160 pods):

Wow, thank you!! Woohoooo!!! 2nd best nespresso capsules.

How long before you can cancel sub?

Says coypon HALFSUBS is not valid


It works when you subscribe
It’s under the “Subscription” order button, have to subscribe, first time subscribers only.
works, check to make sure there isn’t a space or something.

Promo Code “HALFSUBS” is not valid.

It worked with a subscription

Great deal also Costco sells peets gift card 80 dollars for 100 worth. But its shipping and not digital.

Nice deal!

Make it a subscription, not a one time order.

Repped. I went with 40 pods as I don’t drink too often and wonder how long pods can remain fresh. There was shipping with my order